Scaffold Plank Rental

Riverbend Rental has aluminum scaffold planks, decks, and microlam (wood) planks available for rent.  Microlam are mainly used with tube and coupler scaffold or on side brackets that do not hold 19″ scaffold plank.  Riverbend Rental has safety guard rail kits for aluminum decks. Kits include steel posts and two aluminum rails. See below for available sizes.

Rental planks are a low price, one week minimum rental!

Aluminum Scaffold Plank

Lengths: 5′, 7′ & 10′

Aluminum Decks

Lengths: 16′ 20′ 24′ 28′ 32′ & 36′
Width 14″ and/or 24″

Aluminum Extension Plank

8′ to 13′
10′ to 17′

Microlam Wood Plank

Lengths: 6′ 9′ 8′ 12′ & 16′
Width 9.75″

If you have any other questions about our equipment, please contact us!