Augers & Bits

Riverbend Rental power augers work great whether you work by yourself or operate a skid steer.  Our General brand augers include a 1 man, 2 man and a 1 man towable auger rental.  Our 1 man towable auger works great for easy access areas, working on a hillside, adjust the pitch to make sure you get your hole plum.  Have your own machine but not the right bit, just rent ours.  See below for a skid steer attachment at Riverbend Rental. Contact us today for pricing and availability!

General Augers

General 1 Man Auger

Bit 6″ & 8″  x 36″ D
Extension 15″

General 2 Man Auger

Bit 6″, 8″, & 12″ x 48″ D
Extension 15″

General 1 Man Towable Auger

Bit 6″, 8″ & 12″ x 48″ D
Extension 15″

Need to drill a larger hole? Check out our skid steer auger and our dingo augers below!