Material Lift Rentals

Riverbend Rental is looking out for your safety.  Stop carrying shingles over your shoulder, up the ladder to the roof.  Instead rent our shingle hoist to get them up there with ease. Need to get material up high so you can install it?  Use our Genie lift to hoist it up while you work off the ladder or scaffolding. 

Our hydraulic hoist jacks will lift up your heavy machinery and move them around with our multiton rollers.

We have drywall lifts available for rent that range from 4’9″ to 16′ for your vaulted ceilings.  

Check out our material lift equipment below that is available for rent! 

RGC Shingle Hoist

Lifts up to 44′

Genie SLC 18 Superlift
Telpro Drywall Lifts

Height 4′ 9″ to 11′
With Extension: 15′

Jet Hydraulic Hoist Jacks

7.5 Ton – 30 Ton

Multiton Mover Rollers

Use these to move heavy machinery!