Concrete & Masonry

We have several pieces of concrete equipment available for rent, for both the contractor and homeowner!

Pouring a slab this week?  Call Riverbend Rental and reserve our power buggy, power screed and power trowel, with your choice of combination blades or finish blades with/without combination shoes.  Riverbend Rental will make your job easier with our Whiteman power buggy, no more tipping over wheelbarrows in the yard.  This Whiteman power buggy will haul over half a yard of concrete.  

Get the finish you’re looking for with the Riverbend Rental power trowel.  Adjust the pitch with the Whiteman quick pitch handle.  Our Husqvarna concrete saw the “Cut n Break” will cut through 16″ of concrete leaving you with square corners and no extra chipping necessary.

Check out our rental equipment below!

Power Buggy

Whiteman Power Buggy

Electric Start
Capacity .59 cu. yd.
Dual wheel base 44″
Single wheel base 31″

Concrete Tools

Husqvarna K760 Cut off Saw 14"
Husqvarna Soff-Cut 150
Husqvarna K760 Cut N Break
Husqvarna Masonry Saw 14"
Husqvarna K3000 Elec Wet Saw
Husqvarna Hand Held Core Drill
Whiteman Power Trowel 36"
Hilti Breaker
Screed King
Bosch Breaker
Wacker Vibrator
Core Drill
Toro/Stone Mortar Mixer Gas 6 Cu Ft
Stone/Toro Concrete Mixer Gas 6 Cu Ft
Multiquip Mix n Go Concrete Mixer Electric 2 Cu Ft

Husqvarna 24″ Saw

Target Masonry Saw 14"
Target Saw 14"
Target Saw 18" - Self Propelled
Husqvarna PG 280
Husqvarna PG 510 Floor Grinder
Husqvarna S36 Single-Phase HEPA Dust Extractor
Husqvarna A2000 Air Scrubber
Husqvarna A600 Air Scrubber
Target Tile Saw
Target Floor Grinder
General Surface Planer
Hilti Lazer Kit
ICS Concrete Saw
Kraft Fresno
Kraft Fiberglass Handles
Kraft Bull Float
Marshalltown Trowel
Marshalltown Mag
Marshalltown Edger