Compaction Equipment

Riverbend Rental carries only the top name brands for a packer and rammer in the industry.  For your large jobs check out the Wacker Roller or the Rammax 1575 trench roller.  We have recently added to our compaction fleet with the purchase of Ammann Rammax 1575 Trench Roller.  Operated from a remote control the Rammax 1575 is a 33″ wide sheeps foot trench roller that will pack up to 18″ of sand.  The Rammax 1575 trench roller will stop the packer when it gets 65′ away from the remote and within 8′ of the remote, keeping the trench roller in clear site of the operator.  The Wacker roller is great for packing asphalt, sand and gravel for your larger jobs.  Too many corners to use the roller?  Wacker’s reversible packer will go in and out of those tough areas.  For your smaller jobs Riverbend Rental has the Wacker WP1550 A or the jumping jack/rammer.  Riverbend Rental also carries a four stroke MQ jumping jack/rammer.  Call Riverbend Rental for more information on a packer or rammer rental.  Thank You for visiting Riverbend Rental Compaction Equipment Rammax 1575 trench roller, Wacker Roller, Wacker WP1550 packer, Wacker rammer and MQ rammer.

Rammax 1575 Articulating Trench Roller

Trench roller drum width 33.5″
Weight 3,197 lbs
Infrared remote control
Min/max infrared operation 8’/65′

Wacker RD11 Roller

Drum Width 35.4″
Weight Dry 2,246 lbs

Wacker BPU3345A Reversible Packer

Width 24″
Length 35.5″
Weight 636 lbs

Wacker WP1550A Plate Packer

Base Plate 19.5″ x 23″
Weight 190 lbs

Wacker BS52Y Rammer

Base Plate 9.8W x 13″L
Weight 129lbs

Mikasa MT65H Rammer

Base Plate 11″W x 13″L
Weight 146 lbs