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Riverbend Rental has a John Deere sub-compact tractor and two larger compact tractors for rental units.  Our John Deere 4410 and 3520 tractor are large enough to complete your acreage jobs yet small enough to complete the jobs around your house.  Get into the tight areas with our John Deere 1026R sub compact tractor.  With a Riverbend Rental tractor you will be sure to get the job done right with all our attachments.  Click on the links next to each rental tractor to find detailed specs on each machine.  There are no hidden costs on our tractor rentals as long as you bring it back full of fuel and undamaged.  You can see our John Deere sub compact tractor below.  Thank You for visiting Riverbend Rental Tractor and Attachments Page.
  John Deere 3520 Compact Tractor

252.0 KB

John Deere 3520 Compact Tractor

Rotary Tiller
Cutting width 47"
Tilling depth 7"
Weight 401 lbs

Rotary Cutter
Cutting width 60"
Cutting height 1"-9.5"
Overall lenght 8.5'
Weight 728 lbs

Box Blade
Width 5'
Height 33.5"
Depth 31"
Weight 495 lbs

Overall width 72"
Overall Height 36"
Depth 30.5"
Weight 715 lbs

Landscape Rake
Width 6'
Weight 270 lbs

Width 5.5'
Discs 16
Disc diameter 18"
Weight 649 lbs

Back Blade
Width 6'

Width 6'
Length 6'

Brillion Seeder

Rolling width 5'
Overall width 6'
Overall length 30"
Overall height 43"
Weight 883 lbs

Brillion Seeder
Rolling width 6'
Overall width 7'
Overall length on tractor 35"
Overall length on skid steer 40"
Overall height 43"
Weight 1,242 lbs
Also available with skid steer attachments

The John Deere 1026R sub compact tractor might be the best size Riverbend Rental has to offer.  This sub compact tractor will best suit your small yard or garden with all the attachments available. 
Riverbend Rental has the perfect solution for fall clean up or every day mowing with our "Turfmaster Sweep-all", used by homeowners, property owners, apartment complexes and golf courses.  The best feature about this sweeper is its remote control.  Control the throttle, sweeping height, and dump it all by the push of a button from the seat of the tractor.  Call or stop by Riverbend Rental for more information.  Thank You for visiting Riverbend Rental compact tractors and attachments page.
John Deere 1026R Sub Compact Tractor

1.3 MB

Mower Deck
60" Cutting width

Turfmaster Sweep-all
Sweeping height adjustment, basket & throttle are all controlled by remote control so you never have to get off your tractor!
Sweeping width 48"
Bushel capacity 33
See it in Action!

Rotary Tiller
Cutting width 48"
Tilling depth 7"
Weight 298 lbs

Gandy Landscape Roller
Rolling width 48"
Roller diameter 24"
Overall length 66"

Agri-Fab Lawn Sweep
Sweeping width 42"

John Deere Aerator/Spreader
Overall width 54"
Spike width 38"

Bluebird Towable Dethatcher
Honda 5.5 hp
Width 38" 

Gandy Spreader
Hopper 4'

Turfco Towable Aerator
Width 64.75"
Height w/ wheels lowered 36"
Length w/ tongue 76.75"
Weight 365 lbs
Weight tray capacity 350 lbs

Thank You for visiting our Riverbend Rental John Deere Sub Compact and Compact Tractors and Attachments Page.

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