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Rental Skid Steers, Attachments

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Riverbend Rental has a Bobcat S150 wheeled machine, a Bobcat T550 track machine, a Cat 247B3 track machine, a Dingo TX 420 and Dingo TX 427 walk behind track machine.  Click the links next to each skid steer to see detailed specs of each loader.  Each Riverbend Rental skid steer has an enclosed cab with heat to keep you warm and dry.  Riverbend Rental has a new Bobcat track machine with heat and air conditioning in the T550.  Rent the Bobcat or Cat only, rent attachments only, or rent the skid steer and attachments together.  Skid steer rentals come with a standard bucket, any additional attachments are extra.  See below for Riverbend Rental Dingo and all of our Bobcat and Dingo attachments.  There are no hidden costs on our skid steer rental as long as you bring it back full of fuel and undamaged.  Thanks for visiting Riverbend Rental Skid Steer, Dingo and Attachments Page.

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Bobcat T550 skid steer with heat & air

Detailed Specs
  Bobcat S150 2 Speed skid steer
 with heated cab

Bobcat_S150 Specifications.pdf
1.0 MB

  Cat 247B3 tracked skid steer
with heated cab

Cat247B3 Specifications.pdf
443.7 KB

Bobcat Brushcat Rotary Cutter
Suspension follows contour of the land
Blade diameter 60"
Brush diameter 2"
Overall length 83"
Overall width 64"
Height 30"
Weight 1706 lbs


Bobcat Root & Grapple Bucket
Width 66"
Length 43"
Closed height 35"
Opened height 53"
Weight 961 lbs

Also see our Excavator Thumb

Bobcat Angled Broom
Sweeping width 68"
Overall width 80"
Overall length 67"
Weight 860 lbs.

Bobcat Street Sweeper w/ Bucket
Sweeping width 72"
Overall width 92"
Weight 970 lbs
Bucket capacity 14.2 cu. ft.

Bobcat Breaker
Width 48"
Length 64.9"
Weight 853 lbs
Bit diameter 2.4"

Bobcat Auger
Weight 215 lbs
Direct Drive
Bit size 6", 9", 12", 15", 18", 24", 36"
Extensions 15" & 24"

Bobcat Snow Blade
Overall width 96"
Angled width 83"
Length 42"
Height 28"
Weight 660 lbs

Land Planer w/ Hydraulic teeth
Width 78"
Length 44"
Height 22"
Weight 490 lbs

Bobcat Pallet Forks
Width 45"
Length 48"
Height 39"
Weight 200 lbs

Harley Power Rake
Raking width 72"
Weight 925 lbs

Brillion Seeder
Rolling width 6'
Overall width 7'
Overall length on tractor 35"
Overall length on skid steer 40"
Overall height 43"
Weight 1,242 lbs
Also available with a 3 point attachment

Snow Bucket
Light Material Attachments

72" & 78"

Bobcat Snow Blower

Virnig SWP Snow Push 8'
Pull back blade
Floating & Oscillating mounting plate
Floating side plates

Virnig Tree Puller
Jaw opening     11 1/2"

Riverbend Rental walk behind skid steer is great for your smaller jobs in your backyard or when a Bobcat or Cat just won't fit.  All six rental attachments can be operated by walking behind the Dingo or you can put down the stand on platform to ride on.  With the rental and attachments, Riverbend Rental will throw in a rental trailer at no additional cost.   Click on the link below to see detailed specs of our Dingo walk behind skid steer and all of our attachments.  There are no hidden costs on our rental Dingo or attachments as long as you bring it back full of fuel and undamaged.  Thank you for visiting Riverbend Rental Skid Steer and attachments Page.
Call 811 before you dig!
  Dingo walk behind skid steer

89.2 KB

Dingo walk behind skid steer
See it in Action!

57.0 KB

Angled Sweeper
Bristle width     48"

  Dingo Bucket
Width 42"
Length 24"
Height 14"
Weight 115 lbs

  Dingo Tiller
Tilling width 40"
Overall width 44"
Weight 363"

  Dingo Leveler
Width 49"
Length 36"
Height 16"
Weight 170 lbs

  Dingo Pallet Forks
Width 31"
Length 40"
Height 29"
Weight 162 lbs

  Dingo Auger
Weight 176 lbs
Bit sizes 6", 9", 12", 15", 18" & 24"
Extensions 15" & 24"

Dingo Trencher
Trench depth 4'
Trench width 6"
Weight 520 lbs

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