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     Check out our new mini excavator thumb at Riverbend Rental.  This attachment works great for bolder/rock retaining walls, loading large amounts of demoed concrete and debris all from our mini excavator. 
      Riverbend Rental has three sizes of excavators for rent including a Gehl 153, Gehl 342 and a Gehl 353 which is equivalent to our Wacker Neuson 3503.  All of our excavators can be operated with Cat or John Deere controls.  The Gehl 153 mini excavator at Riverbend Rental can retract its dozer blade and tracks, to fit through a narrow opening of 39".  There are no hidden costs on our mini excavator rental as long as you bring it back full of fuel and undamaged
. Click the links next to each Gehl or Wacker mini excavator to find detailed specs.

Call 811 before you dig!
  Wacker Neuson 3503 Mini Excavator  12" & 24" Buckets

Wacker3503 Specifications.pdf
399.3 KB


See our Skid Steer Root Grapple for larger brush piles

Gehl 353 Mini Excavator 12" & 24" Buckets

Gehl 342 Mini Excavator 12" & 20" Buckets

Gehl342 Specifications.pdf
950.7 KB

  Gehl 153 Mini Excavator 12" & 20" Buckets

Gehl153 Specifications.pdf
462.4 KB

        Riverbend Rental has Ditch Witch and a Dingo trencher in our fleet to bury sprinkler lines, electrical lines, plumbing lines and all your other trenching needs.  Pick up our 24" or 36" Ditch Witch machine today or visit Riverbend Rental skid steer page to see our Dingo trencher which will trench 48" deep.  Our trencher rental includes a trailer.  The first tank of gas on your trencher rental is on us.  Click the link next to the Ditch Witch trencher for detailed specifications.  Riverbend Rental has no hidden costs as long as you bring the trencher back full of fuel and undamaged.  Thank You for visiting Riverbend Rental Gehl and Wacker mini excavator plus Ditch Witch Trencher Page.

 Call 811 before you dig!
Ditch Witch RT12 Trencher 36"

146.2 KB

See also our Dingo Trencher which trenches 48" deep

   Ditch Witch Trencher 24"
(rental includes trailer)

Ditch_Witch_1230 Specifications.pdf
689.1 KB

See also our Dingo Trencher which trenches 48" deep
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