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Riverbend Rental power tool's consist of hammer drills, generators, different types of saws, power washers, sewer and drain snakes, trash pumps and paint sprayers.  Scroll down to see our long list of power tools available for rent.  Thank You for visiting Riverbend Rental Power Tools.

Power Hammer Drills & Drills
We have chipping hammers, rotary hammer drills, impact drill, magnetic drill press, floor drill and right angle drill.


Power Generators & Welder
Our generators are Honda's including a 1,000 watt, 4,000 watt generator/welder and 5,000 watt

Power Saws & Drywall Sander
Dewalt miter saw, jamb saw, toe kick saw, sawzall, electric band saw and drywall sander are great power tools to rent for your remodel or new construction projects.



Hot & Cold Water Pressure Washer
Riverbend Rental has hot and cold water pressure washers.  Hot water machines are a 1000 psi electric and 3000 psi gas.  Cold water machines are 2000, 2500, 3000 and 4000 psi gas engines.


Sewer Snakes Tools
Big or small Riverbend Rental has a sewer snake to clear them all.  Clean sewer drains from 1" to 6" in diameter, clean them from your sink to the street with our 85' cable sewer snake.


Trash Pumps
Riverbend Rental trash pump has 2" fittings with the quick attach couplers on our discharge hose and suction hose, or use a garden hose for our smaller pump.

Rental Paint & Texture Sprayers
Riverbend Rental line sprayer works great for spraying your parking lot lines.  Riverbend Rental also has the top brand Graco airless paint sprayers, put the intake right into a 5 gallon bucket and spray.  Want to get rid of that old wallpaper use our new wallpaper steamer.  Our texture sprayer works great for the homeowner or contractor, change the dial for large or fine orange peel, knockdown and/or other textures.  Finish the job with the glitter applicator gun.



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