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Riverbend Rental power augers work great whether you work by yourself or operate a skid steer.  Our General brand augers include a 1 man, 2 man and a 1 man towable auger rental.  Our 1 man towable auger works great for easy access areas, working on a hillside, adjust the pitch to make sure you get your hole plum.  Have your own machine but not the right bit, just rent ours.  See below for a skid steer attachment at Riverbend Rental.  The first tank of gas on your auger rental is on us, if it's mixed gas we'll send a gas can with you.  Thank you for visiting Riverbend Rental Power Augers.

General 1 Man Auger
Bit 6" & 8" x 36"D
Extension 15"
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General 2 Man Auger
Bit 6", 8" & 12" x 48"D
Extension 15"
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General 1 Man Towable Auger
Bit 6", 8" & 12" x 48" D
Extension 15"
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For larger holes see our skid steer auger & dingo augers
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Don't have your own skid steer auger attachment?  Riverbend Rental has it for you.  You have the skid steer auger attachment, but not the bit we rent the bit as well.  The Riverbend Rental Dingo track machine works great with the auger rental attachment and will fit into those tight areas a skid steer can't.  Auger up to 36" holes with our skid steer auger.  Thank You for visiting Rivebend Rental Power Augers

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