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Riverbend Rental has aerial lift rentals for all elements.  A step above the articulating trailer lifts is our new self propelled unit.  Gas engine and/or battery operated, this will get you where you need to go inside or out.  Power wash the inside our outside of your building with ease, just hook up your power washer on the ground and your gun in the basket and wash.  There is also air hook ups and electrical outlets in the basket.  Drive, park, auto level the machine and up you go!  All aerial lift rentals come with a harness if needed.  Riverbend Rental has no hidden costs in our lift rentals as long as you bring it back full of fuel and undamaged.  Click the link next to the picture to see detailed specs.  See below for the Riverbend Rental articulating trailer lift rentals, one man lift rentals and scissor lift rentals.  Thank You for visiting Riverbend Rental Mankato Lift Rentals.

Haulotte Group 45XA Self Propelled Unit
Battery and/or gas operated

1.4 MB
Riverbend Rental also has three articulating trailer lift rentals.  Back it up, unhook, drop the outriggers down and you're ready to go.  All rentals on this page come with a harness if needed.  Click the link next to the articulating trailer unit to see detailed specs.

 Haulotte Group 4527A Articulating
Trailer Lift

2.3 MB

Haulotte Group 3522A Articulating
Trailer Lift

2.3 MB

Riverbend Rental scissor lifts are best used on a flat smooth surface.  Our 19 ft. scissor lift will fit through a door opening if you don't have a larger garage door entrance.  If you need more working space with our scissor lift rentals, pick up our 26' with a wider platform.  All our scissor lifts from Riverbend Rental include a harness if needed.  Click the link next to the picture to see detailed specs of our scissor lifts. 
  Skyjack 3219 Scissor Lift Rentals

1.3 MB

  Skyjack 4626 Scissor Lift Rentals

1.5 MB

The Riverbend Rental Odyssey 1 man lift rental is great for jobs in shops, gymnasiums and any high reach 1 man jobs.  This lift will get you 40 ft in the air just push it where you need to go, put the outriggers down and up you go.  Every man lift rental comes with a harness if needed.  Click the link next to the picture to see detailed specs of the one man lift rental.  Thank You for visiting Riverbend Rental Mankato man lift.
   Bil-Jax Odyssey 34 Man lift Rental

541.7 KB

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